Find Business Success Through Power Poses

In the last year there have been quite a few magazine articles and blog posts about Power Poses. The idea is certain poses make us feel more powerful and therefore we present ourselves and act in ways that yield higher success rates. After sitting or standing in power poses for just two minutes, studies show that we have higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of cortisol. What that means is we are more willing to take risks and we will perform better in stressful situations.

In business, taking risks and better performance in stressful situations will often lead to getting hired, making a sale, securing funding, and probably enjoying work more! Pretty powerful stuff for just a few poses. And this works regardless if you will be meeting with people face to face or if you conduct business over the phone from your home office. The unfortunate truth is we sabotage our own success by not minding our body and by hunching over the technology we have come to love.

There is an easy fix. Learn from the source and watch Amy Cuddy’s video below. It will have you with your feet on the desk and hands on your hips in no time!

Have you tried this for yourself? What have you noticed?