How has mobile technology changed the way you work?

We are part of a very mobile world.  Everyone (or almost everyone) goes about their day holding, interacting with, or doing business on a smart phone, tablet, or even on the newest smartphone-tablet hybrid called a phablet.

I imagine some of you are reading this blog post on a mobile device, while others are reading it on a  desktop or laptop computer.  All of these technologies are relevant, but mobile seems to be the technology of choice for many.

The benefit of mobile technology is that it allows us to do some things much faster and less expensive than before.  Here are just a few examples of how mobile technology has changed the way we do business.

  1. Online calendars: Moving away from a paper calendar may be difficult for some, but online calendars have benefits a paper calendar cannot offer. Online calendars can be shared with your clients or team members and accessed anywhere you have a wifi or data connection. They allow you to sync both personal and business schedules to your Outlook,  and you can set appointments that require RSVP’s. Most of them are also free.
  2. Online banking: Banking online offers convenience to a busy business owner. You can do your banking any time of the day or night, and banking can be done anywhere that you have a secure internet connection.  Direct deposits, transferring of funds and bill paying can all be done from the comfort of your home or office 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  3. Creating Videos: Gone are the days where you need to invest in a video camera and editing equipment. Videos can be created, edited and uploaded in a matter of minutes to websites or social media accounts.  Is the quality professional?  No, but with certain mobile-apps, a video taken on a mobile device can be edited in such a way that it appears professional.

These are just a few ways mobile technology has given us a faster way to work.  What are some of the ways mobile technology has helped you with your business tasks?