What can a virtual assistant do for me?

Virtual assistance is a term used to cover anything support related these days. Virtual assistants each have their own specific skill set and services they offer. In general they can take care of just about any of the business details companies have on an ongoing, seasonal, or project basis.

Responsibilities can be administrative:

  • basic data entry
  • document formatting
  • research projects
  • managing calendars
  • coordinating projects
  • creating spreadsheets
  • creating powerpoint presentations
  • general customer service
  • drafting or proofreading documents and correspondence

Other virtual assistants thrive in marketing support roles:

  • performing social media account management,
  • blogging,
  • managing email marketing campaigns, or
  • creating flyers
  • writing articles

Some VAs specialize in web-based functions:

  • updating websites
  • integrating and managing online shopping carts
  • assisting with webinars

Others focus on bookkeeping support

  • Managing Quickbooks
  • Paying bills
  • Invoicing clients

Other virtual assistants help with events

  • Creating and coordinating materials
  • Managing online registration
  • Coordinating logistics with the venue
  • Sending reminders and follow up emails to participants

With today’s technology and surplus of online tools, a virtual assistant can do just about anything a traditional, onsite assistant could do. It’s up to the client to create their wish-list and then find the virtual assistant who most closely meets their needs, based on skill and area of expertise. When working with the right virtual assistant, it really is like having a magic genie – you make the request and your VA grants your wish.