Virtual Assistant


  • you only spend your day on the most important things that you enjoy most
  • you have someone else managing your business details accurately and efficiently
  • your productivity, revenue and sanity increases

Imagine what that would mean to you, your family and your business.

An Assistant Match virtual assistant can make that reality.

We know you need help with the minutia of your business but don’t need a full-time employee. You want to stay lean and nimble, so it’s ideal to work with someone who works remotely and whose hours you do not need to guarantee. You want help and you need results.

Assistant Match provides pre-screened, US-based, virtual assistants who can assist with your business details, and only work as many hours as you need.

What can a virtual assistant do for me?

Just about anything support related:

  • Research & scheduling appointments
  • Customer service & website updates
  • Blogging & bookkeeping

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Can you show me how to work with a VA?

Of course! We can provide you with a pre-screened VA and also help you learn:

  • How to give feedback
  • How to delegate for best results
  • How to best utilize a VA

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