How to schedule a productive work day

Being a business owner means you are working for yourself and that you usually can be flexible enough to schedule your day around your most effective times.  So, if you feel like your days seem out of whack take a look to see if you are really working during the best hours for you.

Is your concentration better in the mornings?  If yes, than use that time to work on projects that require concentration. If you know you will be interrupted at certain times, use those times to complete low concentration or quick tasks.

Are you a night owl?  Then utilize the quietness of the night to answer emails, write proposals, work on stuff that needs your undivided attention.

If you mostly work out of a home office, don’t forget to consider your household activities when scheduling your day. What’s the normal routine? Does the gardener come every Thursday morning with loud blowers or edgers? Do you have kids coming home mid afternoon and needing your attention?  Map out the hours on a calendar that you can be most productive and see how your productivity changes.

If you still don’t see a change, then it may be time to work with a virtual assistant to help you tackle some of the work that isn’t getting done.